Kachiguda Mahankali Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Kachiguda Mahankali Temple

One amongst the well known shrines in Hyderabad is the Kachiguda Mahankali Temple. Positioned in proximity to Lal Darwaza, this temple is a major attraction amongst locals and tourists.

Devoted to Navaratri Utsavam, the temple enshrines a fine-looking figurine of the Devi who is worshiped here. During your visit to the temple, you can see huge scores of tourists who come here to offer their prayers to the goddess. It is believed that one who wholeheartedly prays here in front of Devi, his/ her wish is surely fulfilled. Besides, the best time to visit the temple is during Navaratri. It is a nine day celebration and, the whole shrine is decorated with illuminated earthen lamps and various programs are organized to make the festival more bright and colorful. Also the temple observes the celebration of Bonalu festival, which is another very famous carnival celebrated with trademark drums and loud music, as several dance forms are performed in its premises.

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