Dhartimata Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Dhartimata Temple

Located in close proximity to Begum Bazaar, Dhartimata Temple is an ancient shrine, situated on the outskirts of the city. Dedicated to goddess Dhartimata, the temple houses an idol of the divine Devi who is worshipped here.

As per the legends, the shrine has a great historical significance, which states that if a woman is undergoing any kind of problem related to pregnancy and she performs a puja in this divine temple, then she will surely get rid of this problem and would be able to give birth to a healthy child.

All round the year many devotees and women suffering with diseases and health issues, visit this temple. You can see people offering flowers, coconut, sindoor and many other items to be used during puja. As the temple was built in the early medieval period, thus it does not have highly intricate details or carvings, but the simplicity and pleasing beauty of this place makes one free from all the worries.

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