Jag Mandir Palace, Rajasthan

Jag Mandir Palace

Location: A beautiful palace, Jag Mandir Palace is situated on the southern island of Lake Pichola. This palace can be accessed easily by the tourists.

Description: Alternatively known as Lake Garden Palace, Jag Mandir Palace was constructed by the ruling king Maharana Karan Singh in the first half of 17th century. This structure is an architectural wonder and houses beautifully designed courtyard decorated with white and black marble tiles. Eight life size structures of elephants made out of white marble are placed on the island, near the boat ramp. Various beautiful gardens that surround the palace increase its beauty. Gul Mahal, which is placed inside the palace, attracts the attention of the visitors. This is the place where prince Khurram used to live with his family. A trip to this palace can leave the tourists enriched with knowledge.

Activities: While at the Jag Mandir Palace, tourists can visit different pavilions which are situated inside the complex. The Zenana Mahal and Kunwar Pada ka Mahal are worth marking a visit to. People who have interest in knowing more about this place can visit the history museum, which houses some of the preserved literature. At this palace, tourists can truly experience the royalty of the kings of Mewar.

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