Botanical Garden, Andhra Pradesh

Botanical Garden

To be found positioned along the Gachipoli-Miyapor highway and around 16km away from Hyderabad rail head is the beautiful Botanical Garden.

Sprawling over an area of about 120 acres, the garden is divided into 19 sectors, also known as ‘vanams’. This division is done in order to make a distinction among the medicinal herbs, timber trees, fruits trees, ornamental plants, aquatic plants and abundance of other vegetation. The major objective of setting up this project was to safeguard the different varieties of shrubs and herbs, the benefits of which can be enjoyed by the present and upcoming generations.

The garden is acknowledged as an eco-tourism hub by the government of India. It not only intends to publicize plant conservation but also serve as a storehouse for plants where scientists can carry out their research work. Thus this place attracts huge scores of tourists and enthusiastic horticulturists all round the year.

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