The Natural History Museum, Andhra Pradesh

The Natural History Museum

The best place to visit for a wildlife lover, Natural History Museum is located in Bahadurpur area at a distance of about 16 km from Hyderabad. Situated inside the Nehru Zoological Park, this museum is famous for housing exciting and uncommon exhibits.

This is a perfect place for those people who want to explore the many facets of history, especially with regards to animals. As the museum displays stuffed dummies, therefore a person can get a glimpse of the extinct as well as the living animals. Artifacts that relate with the animals are also put up on display here.

At one moment a person can see a stuffed dummy of tiger in the museum and in the next moment he can see a real tiger in the zoological park, therefore making this experience really thrilling.

Children and adults will enjoy their visit to the museum as a number of creatures are put up on display here. Therefore, people who plan to visit the Nehru Zoological Park should not miss the Loin Safari as well as visiting the Natural History Museum.

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