Surendrapuri Mythological Awareness Museum, Andhra Pradesh

Surendrapuri Mythological Awareness Museum

A center of sculptural and artistic excellence, Surendrapuri Mythological Awareness Museum is considered as a divine abode. At this once place visitors can view different lords. This museum was specifically established in order to create awareness amongst the people about Indian mythology.

Being a pilgrim center, devotees can easily have a look at the heavenly world of Lord Vishnu, Indera, Brahma, and of many other gods, from proximity. Depicted in the form of sculptures, visitors can also witness different episodes from the epic, Mahabharata.

Through the help of various paintings, sculptures and exhibits, religiously inclined people can get a glimpse of the lives of numerous Hindu gods and goddesses. This museum also houses replicas of all the famous Hindu temples that are present in the country. The sculptures are put up on display depending upon the mythological scene that is depicted by them and the temple’s replica.

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