Paigah Tombs, Andhra Pradesh

Paigah Tombs

Recently discovered Paigah tombs belong to the most powerful and influential families of the 18th century and lies at a distance of about 10 km from the city of Hyderabad. Spread over an area of 2 acres, unique architectural designs as well as different carvings of marbles are considered as major attractions of this area.

Built for Paigahs and their family members, these tombs are a chain of burial chambers. These mausoleums were beautifully decorated with unique designs and are finest examples of admirable craftsmanship. The walls are also intricately designed with the help of exotic designs.

The literal meaning of the word “Paigah” is “right hand man”. The tombs represent Persian, Deccan and Rajasthan style of architecture and depict great craftsmanship prevalent in earlier times. It is believed that the attractive sculptural characteristic of the famous Paigah Tombs cannot be seen anywhere in the world and are incomparable. 

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