Birla Mandir, Andhra Pradesh

Birla Mandir

Positioned in the southern region of Hussain Sagar, Birla Mandir is around 2kms away from the main town. This splendid structure was built in the year 1976, by Swami Ranganathanan as a reverence to Lord Venkateshwara, a supreme personification of Vishnu, in Kaliyug.

It stands atop the twin mound of Naubat Pahad and Kala Pahad. Birlas, a renowned industrialist family, took the charge of this place and after several modifications inaugurated this splendid piece of architecture, named Birla Mandir. Its construction is a perfect amalgamation of Rajasthani architecture and the South Indian art form, named Utkala, because of which it took around 10 years to build this awe- inspiring structure.

Within its premises you can see an 11 feet high statue of lord Vishnu and adding to its beauty is the carved out covering of lotus, which leaves visitors spellbound. Besides, the temple also houses fine-looking figurines of lord Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman Ji and a Sai Baba sculpture carved in Oriya style.

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