Begumpet Mosque, Andhra Pradesh

Begumpet Mosque

Begumpet Mosque, also renowned as Spanish mosque, is often recognized as the Masjid Iqbal Ud Daula. Situated in Begumpet, the mosque was named after the sixth Nizam’s daughter, Basheer Ul-Unnisaa Begum. On her marriage to Paigah Shums ul Umra Amir e Kabir, her father gave this marvelous piece of architecture as her wedding gift.

Built in 1906 under the supervision of Sir Iqbal Ud Daula, one of the renowned Paigah Nawab, the mosque became a major attraction in Hyderabad. The foremost thing that makes this mosque unique among all the other shrines in India is its architectural design, including its central dome and differently shaped minarets.

Sprawling over the region of Paigah estates, the mosque also came to be known as Paigah Mosque. Its architecture depicts the influence of Spanish structural design. You can feel the richness in its premises, the plush carpeting and inscriptions of Turkish artwork on the walls of dome. Besides, the most unique thing is its octagonal shaped construction, which is only one of its kinds in the whole country, giving it a church like appearance.

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