Indore Museum, Madhya Pradesh

Indore Museum

Location: Housing some of the finest artifacts that date from prehistoric era till the modern time, Indore museum is situated on the national highway 3, also known as the Agra- Mumbai road.

Description: Indore Museum, also referred to as central museum, is considered to be amongst the most interesting buildings that the city of Indore has. People who have a deep interest in history must visit this beautiful museum. The Parmar architectural style originated in Indore and is recognized by proportioned figures and careful, as well as intricate designs carved out of stone.

The museum is divided into two galleries. Gallery number one displays various artifacts that have been collected over a time period that ranges from 5000-4000 BC. This gallery also includes ornaments, stone tools, different items that were used for domestic purposes and quartz sickles. Gallery number two displays carvings that are related to Hindu mythology.  

Activities: Established in the year 1929, antique collection of armors, coins and arms are also put up on display at this place. For visitor’s convenience, guides are also made available by the authorities. At this place, visitors can get a glimpse of the history as well as know more about the culture of the people in ancient times.

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