Sarafa Bazaar, Madhya Pradesh

Sarafa Bazaar

Location: Lying on the west side of the city of Indore, Sarafa Bazaar is famous among the tourists and locals alike.

Description: In travel documentaries, Sarafa bazaar has featured various times which leads to increase in its popularity and therefore tourists plan to visit this bazaar while on a trip to Indore.

During the daytime this bazaar is famous for selling traditional jewelry while during the night time it turns into Chat Street. A number of food vendors set up their eateries along the road converting it into a food bazaar. Food that is served here is hygienically prepared and is reasonably priced. Large varieties of food are present to tickle the traveler’s taste buds. A person can choose from a range of spicy food to normal food. But whatever variety a person chooses, he will surely be left amazed by its delectable taste and unforgettable flavors.

Activities: Regarded as a colorful place, this bazaar has something for everyone. Shopaholics can indulge in shopping of various items that are sold in this market. This bazaar being specifically famous for jewelry attracts the attention of women shoppers. Tourists can enjoy some lip smacking food items, such as kachoris, pav bhaji, samosas and many other traditional delicacies. Tourists can also find some famous restaurants to enjoy local dishes as well as a variety of other cuisines.

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