Red Church, Madhya Pradesh

Red Church

Location: Red church, also famous as St. Francis of Assisi, Cathedral, is a holy shrine where people in large numbers gather to offer their prayers. Located near the famous Holkar Palace, this church is situated in the city of Indore.

Description: The city of Indore is well known for housing a number of churches. With the presence of sizeable population that believes in Christianity, various churches were built in the city. These holy shrines have emerged as places for socio-cultural bonding as well as for social gatherings for the local community of Christians.

Falling under the Catholic Diocese administration of Indore, these Churches represent the Christian community. However a person belonging to any other religion can mark his visit to this famous Red Church and seek Jesus’ blessings.

On special occasions, like the festival of Christmas, this church is beautifully decorated and looks marvelous. Special prayers are offered to the Lord on this day. Tourists can also join in the celebrations.

Activities: Tourists while visiting the Red Church can also visit other places that lie in the vicinity. Visitors can also stop over the famous Annapurna temple, whose main deity is Goddess Annapurna. Other places of interest that lies at a short distance are Bada Ganpati temple, Lal bagh Palace and the MT Cloth Market.

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