Kanch Mandir (Glass Temple), Madhya Pradesh

Kanch Mandir (Glass Temple)

Location: True to its name, the Kanch Mandir or the Glass temple is a Jain temple that is made up of mirrors and glass. Built in the 20th century by Sri Hukamchand Seth, the cotton king, this famous temple is also known as Seth Hukamchand temple and is located on the Jawahar road in Indore.

Description: Hindu rulers of India were always fascinated by the beauty of the Kanch Mandir. Walls, floor, ceiling, doors and everything else that exists in this temple are embellished with glass. This Mandir exhibits a splendid extravaganza for the tourists who come from far off places to visit this place.

Glass paintings that have been painted with extreme devotion decorate the Mandir and depict different aspects of the Jain religion. Statue of Mahavir Buddha that is present in a glass chamber adorns the place and is kept at the top of this marvelously designed temple. Interiors of the shrine are magnificent enough to leave a visitor mesmerized.

Activities: Tourists can have a look at various stories that are related to the Jain community and are depicted in the shrine. The dazzling glass temple looks more beautiful with the majesty of the rising sun giving it a 3D effect. The magnificent building of this temple attracts both, the devotees of the Jain religion as well as tourists.

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