Gomatgiri, Madhya Pradesh


Location: An amazingly beautiful place for the Jain community devotees, Gomatgiri is a hillock that is present amid serene and tranquil ambiance. Located at a short distance from the airport in the city of Indore, this temple can be easily reached by travelers. This is a place where you can find peace of mind.

Description: A 21 feet tall Gomateshwara statue is present on the hill top. A visitor can also find 24 temples that have been carved out of marble, along the side of the statue. Each one of these temples is dedicated to the 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism. The Gomateshwara statue that stands tall on the hill’s top is an imitation of the Bahubali statue that is present at Shrawangbegol.

In the year 1981, this hillock was donated by the MP government to the Jain Society. For the traveler’s convenience, a dharamshala, a restaurant and a guest house is also present on the top of the hill.

Activities: At this place tourists can relish delicious local food, while enjoying the calm atmosphere. From the top of the hill a person can also catch a bird’s eye view of the town. The Digamba idol worship is a sight that beholds a tourist’s attention, making it a must visit attraction.

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