Bada Ganpati, Madhya Pradesh

Bada Ganpati

Location: The Bada Ganpati temple is located on the MG road in the city of Indore.

Description: Staying true to its name, the Bada Ganpati temple is famous for housing a huge idol, that when measured from crown to foot, is of 25 feet. Constructed in 1875, under the rule of Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar, this temple is well known for a large statue of Lord Ganpati, besides its antiquity. People from far off places come to the Bada Ganpati temple to have a look at the amazingly beautiful statue of Lord Ganpati. Therefore add this attraction on your must visit list and seek lord’s blessings.

Made out of jiggery, limestone and mud that was taken from the stables of horses and elephants and bricks, along with the holy water and soil collected from various pilgrim places, the image of the deity is sure to behold a visitor’s attention. Statue of Lord Ganpati is constructed out of precious metals which include silver, gold, iron, brass and copper, which give a strikingly wonderful appearance to it.

Activities: Lord Ganpati is also believed to hinder his devotee’s problems; therefore devotees in large numbers visit this temple and pray to the lord. It is also believed that if a person prays with a clear conscious, all his prayers are answered by the lord.  

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