Rajwada (Holkar Palace), Madhya Pradesh

Rajwada (Holkar Palace)

Location: Rajwada palace is a seven storied structure that is situated in the city of Indore. This palace is divided into two structures. One part of the building is located in the city’s heart while the second one lies in the old part of Indore.

Description: A must visit attraction, Rajwada literally means “The King’s Residence”. Built during the year 1747 AD, by Malhar Rao Holkar, the founder of the Holkar Dynasty, it serves as an example of great architectural skills and royal grandeur. Blend of Mughal and Maratha architectural style which is exhibi6ted by the palace is sure to leave its visitors spellbound.

Entrance of the Rajwada palace is marked by lofty archways and also by iron studs covered wooden door. Courtyard of the palace is adorned with a curved Ganesha hall and large number of balconies that are decorated according to the Mughal style. Various galleried rooms also surround the courtyard. First three floors are built out of stone while the remaining floors are made out of wood.

Because of the presence of wood, this building is prone to fire and has been burnt down three times in the past. However in the year 2006, H.H. Usha Devi Holkar, the ruling maharani of Indore, ordered that the palace should be rebuilt according to its old style.

Activities: A visit to this place is sure to be an enriching experience for those tourists who have interest in knowing more about historic era.

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