Lal Bagh Palace, Madhya Pradesh

Lal Bagh Palace

Location: Regarded as the most magnificent building in the city of Indore, Lal Bagh Palace is located to the southwest side on the city’s outskirts.

Description: Built under the supervision of Maharaja Shivaji Rao during the years 1886-1921, this palace is a three storied structure. This magnificent palace represents the royal taste and lifestyle of the Holkar rulers till date.

Lal Bagh Palace is amongst the most stylish structures located in the country, because of its unique construction style. Prehistoric artifacts are displayed in the entrance hall which is made up of marble. A collection of coins from the Muslim era is also put on display 6on the first floor.

The ballroom of the Lal Bagh Palace is mounted on springs and has wooden flooring. The kitchen is located on the opposite bank of the river but with the help of an underground tunnel it is well connected with the palace. The gates of the palace are exquisitely carved and resemble the Buckingham palace gates.

Activities: Contemporary Indian as well as Italian sculptures and paintings are also exhibited here. This is a must visit place for those people, who have interest in knowing more about history, as the Lal Bagh Palace displays various things that can connect a person with the historic era.

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