Krishnapura Chhatris, Madhya Pradesh

Krishnapura Chhatris

Location: Located on the banks of river Khan in the city of Indore, Krishnapura Chhatris boast of the skillful style of architecture of the Maratha rulers.

Description: The most important part of the Maratha architectural style includes the Chhatris. During the rule of the Marathas, various monuments were built in Indore and the most striking feature of some of the monuments remains the Chhatris. Built according to typical Maratha style, these Chhatris attract a number of tourists with their historical enigma.  

These cenotaphs or Chhatris were built as memorials in the Holkar ruler’s memory. Built out of stone, these memorials are located on the banks of river Khan.

According to historians, Holkar were great rulers who ruled over Madhya Pradesh and were also supported by the local people. However, in the year 1858, British army defeated the Holkar rulers after which they had to surrender their kingdom. These rulers then shifted to Indore and made the city their capital. In order to remind people about their rule, the Holkar Rulers erected Chhatris in the city of Indore.

Activities: Linked with a prayer hall that has beautifully carved pillars and arches, tourists can have a look at the Chhatris which are dedicated to father Tukoji Rao II and his son Shivaji Rao. Statues of the two rulers are also present alongside the Garbha Grihas and are set upon a raised platform.

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