Samode, Rajasthan


Location: Near Jaipur city is positioned a town named Samode. It is considered to be a historical place that comes in the Shekhawati area.

Description: Numerous havelis that are located in this place make this town a famous place. One can get a chance to see a number of buildings as well as mansions in this town. Samode is well known for its art and one can buy many handicraft items that are prepared in this town. Samode palace is the most well known building of this town. This town was constructed by a very rich family known as Rawals. Palace building is around 400 years old and a lot of restoration work has been done on this building and the palace has been converted into a heritage hotel. A number of additions have been done to the original mansion and it serves as a beautiful attraction of the entire region. Sultan’s Mahal is said to be the primary portion of this palace and comprises of a number of nicely carved pillars and painted walls.

Activities:  Samode Bagh is a garden that is at a distance of three kilometers from the Samode palace. The bagh serves as a separate tourist resort and has been reinstated recently. This is a place where one can go and spend time so as to relax, in addition to watching the beauty of the palace.

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