Dewas, Madhya Pradesh


Location: Formerly the seat of two princely states during British sovereign, Dewas is another ancient town which stands on the Malwa plateau of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. It is about 143 km away when travelling from Bhopal, whereas 35 km from Indore.

Description: Resting in the lap of Chamundi hill, Dewas has derived its name from the Devi Vaishini hill, commonly known as Tekri in the city. Dewas literally means “an adobe of God”. After India got independence, the states ruled by King of Dewas were integrated into Madhya Bharat, which was later on combined to Madhya Pradesh. Elevated at 1,755 ft, the hillock offers panoramic views of the vicinity. On top of this, Dewas is of great historical and archeological significance. According to an archeological survey, many remnants dating back to 5thcentury B.C have been found here. Badi Tekri and Choti Tekri Mata Mandir are two prime attractions of this hill spot. The idols of Goddesses in the shrine are carved from rock, dating back to Paramara period. There is a copper plate in the shrine which mentions the period as 12th century A.D when the statues were erected.

Activities: Sidheshwar Mahadev Mandir is another ancient temple famous for its architecture that you must visit in Dewas.

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