Galtaji Temple, Rajasthan

Galtaji Temple

Location: A very old Hindu pilgrimage site, this temple is located in the city palace complex. Galtaji temple is situated in the centre of low lying hills and is surrounded by a ravine.

Description: Galtaji temple is positioned in the lush surroundings of Aravalli hills. It is a picturesque place and is visited by various devotees as well as tourists. This structure is surrounded by rounded pillars and roofs that are beautifully painted and decorated. It consists of natural springs, holy kunds, temples and pavilions.

Pink color stone that has been used in the construction of the temple has a very charming appearance and its main shrine is embellished by the sun god. Premises of the temple hold a number of pavilions having curved roofs. It is not a single temple, but consists of a large number of temples.

Activities: The complex also has temples of Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna and Lord Ram. Tourists from all over India visit this temple complex for worshipping and taking blessings from the lord. Moreover, one can see the beautiful paintings and designs that decorate the walls of the temple. On the whole this temple complex offers striking sights besides its sacred atmosphere. 

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