Vidyadhar Garden, Rajasthan

Vidyadhar Garden

Location: Situated in the center of Jaipur city, Vidyadhar Gardenhas been established in the memory of a noted ruler, named Vidyadhar Bhattacharya.

Description: Vidyadhar Garden is spread over a vast area and offers an excellent pictorial view. It is a beautiful garden and depicts a harmonious combination of Mughal and Indian architecture style of earlier times. The garden appears to be impressive with attractive galleries, sylvan lakes, well laid out pavilions and beautifully chiseled fountains. Paintings that depict lord Krishna add an additional charm to the beauty of this garden. Positioned between two low lying hills, the garden appears to be very charming and attractive in the evenings when the entire area is illuminated with lights of multiple colors. It shines like a sparkling gem as the evening time offers a dark background. The garden possesses a large number of breathtaking sceneries and is considered as a treasure house of natural beauty and a place that is worth a visit.  

Activities: A scenic vineyard is housed in this garden offering picturesque views. Sunset at this place is very beautiful, as during this time the sky gets turned into a greenish hue while the pools shine like jewels. The rainy season is also a beautiful time to witness the beauty of this garden.

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