Jhalana Nature Park (Nahagarh Biological Park), Rajasthan

Jhalana Nature Park (Nahagarh Biological Park)

Location: Jhalana Nature Park is situated adjacent to the Nahagarh fort; it is spread over an area of around 7.2 sq km.

Description: Common belief among people is that Rajasthan is a desert area and there is no vegetation or foliage at this place. Nahagarh area of this arid state serves as an exception and proves this to be wrong. The picturesque mountain serves as a house to one of the oldest mountain ranges known as the Aravallies. Thick jungles that surround these big rocky formations serve as a haven for animal and plant life. It comprises of Quartzite rocks and sandstone and the foliage symbolizes the forests that are muggy and sultry dry deciduous. This park is having sufficient resource of wildlife, which comprises of deer, monkeys, rhesus, leopard, tiger, and reptiles. This park also provides shelter to a wide variety of birds.

Activities: An opportunity to explore the nature through jungle safaris is also offered by this park. A run through the forest is around 10 kilometers that can be covered on a horse, by a jeep or on foot. On the whole we can say that this park presents the state of Rajasthan in a new light.

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