Central Park, Rajasthan

Central Park

Location: Central park is situated near the Ambedkar statue in the heart of Jaipur city, which is easily accessible due to various transport options available to reach this place.

Description: Jaipur Development Authority is the organization which constructed the central park of Jaipur, which has enhanced the beauty and appeal of this pink city. People of Jaipur city like to visit this park in their leisure time to have fun and entertainment. Central Park also serves as a house for a hi-tech nursery and a glass house that has inland and foreign variety of bamboo plants. A colorful bed of flowers is adorned by foreign aquatic plants that are found in the small ponds. These flower beds are really eye catching and attract a lot of visitors. In addition to all the above mentioned floriculture sections, the wonderful water fountains add to the charisma of the beautiful atmosphere of this park.  

Activities: Central Park now has all the facilities that are available in an amusement park where people like to spend hours in imposing and captivating ambience. A vast stretch of plants that grow according to the season, with their enigmatic aroma attract plenty of tourists. A leisurely walk through this park gives a feeling of freshness and rejuvenates a person.

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