Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Rajasthan

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Location: Devoted to Lord Vishnu and his better half Mata Lakshmi, Birla Mandir is positioned on an aloft ground on the base of a hill named Moti Dongri in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Description: Lakshmi NarayanTemple has been named after the presiding deities but it is famous by the name of Birla temple as well, because of the fact that it was constructed by the corporate giants, Birla Foundation. It has been built with shining white marble stone and presents a charming look. Presiding deity of this temple presents an elegant look because it has been built with a single piece of marble. Temple premises contain images of a number of Gods, out of which the image of lord Ganesh is outstanding. The three domes of this temple serve as a symbol of the secular ideology of Indian democracy.  Carved images and rich sculptures decorate this temple that presents the mythological aspects of Hinduism. Fine work by the artists and the grand building structure of the Birla Mandir presents it as an attractive creation of recent times. This temple is one of the various Birla mandirs that have been constructed in the Indian subcontinent.

Activities: Devotees of Lakshmi Narayan visit this temple to worship and take blessings from the divine. They also get a chance to witness the charm and glory of the temple.  

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