Ram Niwas Garden, Rajasthan

Ram Niwas Garden

Location: Jaipur is a wonderful city with abundant attractions and sightseeing options. Ram Niwas Garden is one such attraction located in the heart of Jaipur city.

Description: Jaipur has calm and serene atmosphere, with a number of wonderful gardens that adorn this city like jewels. Ram Niwas Garden holds an important position for the locals and tourists, as this garden has attractive fountains and calm pools. Ram Niwas Garden is like a green patch in the centre of a vast area of barren land. The garden has a zoo, a sports complex and a museum, in addition to the lush foliage. Construction of this garden was done in the 19th century and it served as a retreat for the famine stricken people. So this is a historic garden and it is spread over an area of 33 acres. This garden was built by Sawai Raja Ram Singh and now it is proving to be useful for the people of the entire state.

Activities: Ram Niwas Garden adds to the royal aura of the city and to some extent it acts as a backbone for the tourism sector of the state of Rajasthan. Tourists as well as local people visit this park in huge numbers to have some fun.

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