Ridhi Sidhi Pol, Rajasthan

Ridhi Sidhi Pol

Location: Located in City Palace Complex of Jaipur city, Ridhi Sidhi Pol is one of the doorways that lead prominent places of this palace.

Description: The City Palace in Jaipur is a beautiful structure and a very enjoyable place to visit. The grand palace is a structure that speaks of artistic grandeur and structural brilliance that was present in earlier eras. Rajput and Mughal designs are depicted in the City Palace and it serves as a house for many beautiful formations which add to its elegance and beauty. City palace has a number of gateways and Ridhi Sidhi Pol is the name given to one such doorway, which carries four other small doorways. These small doors are a symbol of four seasons of the year. Each and every part of this Pol is adorned with a typical Rajasthani ornamentation which is awesome. The gates are named as Rose Gate which is a representation of the winter season. Leheriya gate in green color presents the spring season and it is devoted to lord Ganesha. Lotus Gate which is devoted to lord Shiva and Mata Parvati is suggestive of summer season. In the northeast is Peacock gate that is a symbol of the autumn season.

Activities: Epitome of Indian culture and its rich heritage, Ridhi Sidhi Pol serves as a great place for witnessing ancient art.

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