Nahargarh Fort, Rajasthan

Nahargarh Fort

Location: Nahargarh Fort is situated at the top of the Aravalli Hills and offers a great view of the city of Jaipur.

Description: Built by Sawai Jai Singh, big walls of this fort and bastions till date possess the royal elegance, though most of the portion of this fort could not stand the ravages of time. Nahargarh means a House of Tigers and that is the reason why it is also known as the Tiger Fort.  Late Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh in 1880 converted Nahargarh into a beautiful palace with nice interiors adorned with murals and stucco designs. This palace portrays a combination of Indo-European architecture. The design pattern of this fort was such that the each one of the nine queens of the king was provided a two storied quarter. So the king could visit any one of the queens and this information would remain as a secret for the other queens. This also helped in king’s security as it was difficult to ascertain the king’s exact position.

Activities: One important feature of this fort is that the entire city can be viewed from this fort so it served the security purpose as well. Tourists can visit this place in order to witness its beauty, as well as they can have a view of the entire city from here.

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