Jaigarh Fort, Rajasthan

Jaigarh Fort

Location: Jaigarhfort is positioned on the famous Hill of Eagles or Cheel-ka-Teela. It was built by the Rajput kings and was constructed specially for defense purposes.

Description: Awani Darwaza and Dongor Darwaza serve as an entry point for this mighty fortress. The walls of the Jaigarh fort are spread over an area of 3 kilometers and a hu6ge canon provides fame to this fort as it is considered as the largest canon in the entire world; however, it was not put to use even once in the entire history of the fort. Museum is the most attractive part of this fortress and it portrays the history associated with the fort.  This fort serves as the epitome of ancient culture and tradition, so a visit to this fort is considered must for the people interested in ancient culture and tradition.

Activities: Other wonderful structures that the fort surrounds are the palace complex, Vijay Garh and Divya Burj. Divya Burj is a seven story building which provides an extensive view of the entire city. Vijay Garh is a big armory section where you can see various arms and ammunitions that were used by the Rajputs. Due to its great architecture, the palace complex is also worth witnessing.

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