Chand Pol (Moon Gate), Rajasthan

Chand Pol (Moon Gate)

Location: Moon Gate or Chand Pol serves as an entry gate which is positioned on the western side of the wall which is considered to enclose Jaipur city.

Description: We all know that Jaipur is a planned city and is appreciated to be such a city. Traditional Vastu ideology has been adopted for the construction of this city and the city appears to be symmetrical. Every niche and alcove of this city presents an excellent structure; the credit for such a thing goes to its rulers who had a progressive frame of mind. Jaipur city has been positioned within a boundary of a wall and the streets have their faces from either north to south or east to west. Three gates are available for entry in the wall. These gates are opened in the morning and closed at the night time.

Chand Pol is considered as an entry point that can lead a person to elephant station and also to a group of ancient palaces and shrines. Uppermost section of the Moon Gate is Naubat Khana, drum players along with other types of musicians used to sit in this place.

Activities: Chand Pol was an important gathering place for the common masses and important announcements used to be made there. Now people visit this place to witness the type of life and cultural values of the people that existed at that time.

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