Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing, Rajasthan

Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing

Location: A charitable foundation that is working from rudimentary level, this museum is located in Amber, Jaipur. Main objective of this foundation is to safeguard ancient traditions and customs of the artisans of the pink city Jaipur.

Description: An innovative drive has been launched in the form of Anokhi Museum and hand printing. This museum helps revive the ancient rich tradition of hand block printing. This foundation tries to provide job opportunities to local people so as to keep alive the art, culture and ethos of old times. Moreover, they try to develop a blend of the art and crafts so as to produce a new combination.

Modern trends are also being included, besides concentrating on traditional ways of hand printing. This helps to present old innate methods with the help of modern techniques which makes it alluring to the onlookers. On the whole, the entire process results in good financial support to the people who know this art. A new era for block printing sector has opened because of the vision followed by this foundation which has helped this art to build a good reputation in the entire world. Artisans are producing goods of great quality which can compete with the mill fabrics and this has been made possible by this charitable foundation.  

Activities: Visitors can witness different models of hand printing and block printing. This presents to them the cultural heritage of the past and the latest modifications that have been done so as to make them more attractive.

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