Shantinath Temple, Rajasthan

Shantinath Temple

Location: Situated inside the Jaisalmer fort, Shantinath temple is amongst the most important Jain temples. This temple gives a glimpse of the 16th century architectural style.

Description: Built in 1536 AD, this holy shrine is dedicated to Sri Shantinath, an important Jain Tirthankara. This temple houses a splendid image of the saint Shantinath. A delightful treat for the visitors, this shrine is regarded as an example of the medieval architecture style. Devotees in large number throng this temple in order to pay their respect to the saint. It is also believed that a person’s wishes are fulfilled, after praying here.

Activities: Devotees can pray and meditate in the pious ambiance of this temple, while tourists can mark a visit to the Jaisalmer Fort. One of the oldest forts, it is also known as golden fort. This fort attracts a lot of historians and travelers who have interest in knowing more about ancient history. The four gateways of the fort are beautifully designed and are popular among the tourists. Another place of interest for the travelers might be the nearby market. Tourists can shop for local textile and various other types of handlooms. All these products are readily available in the market and at a reasonable price.


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