Vikram Kirti Mandir, Madhya Pradesh

Vikram Kirti Mandir

Location: One of the enigmatic sites in Ujjain, Vikram Kirti Mandir holds the treasure of not one but several long-gone eras.

Description: Established in 1965, Vikram Kirti Mandir is dedicated to Vikramaditya. It was found on an event of the second millennium of the Vikram era. Vikram Kirti Mandir is chock-full of attractions as it comprises of a Scientific Oriental Research Institute, an art gallery, an archeological museum and an auditorium. Each place will transport you to an unusual era of olden times. In the Scientific Oriental Research Institute, you can view an amazing collection of 18,000 manuscripts on assorted subjects and also a reference library of vital oriental publications. If you have never seen an illustrated manuscript of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, then this is the place where you can see it. History lovers will be awestruck to see the unmatched collection of Mughal and Rajput paintings here. What's more, the palm leaf and bark leaf manuscripts, vast collections of coins, sculptures and inscriptions, all at one spot make it  an ideal place for carrying out meticulous study about the various facets of bygone period.

Activities: Kalideh Place is an astonishing structure in Ujjain; so while you are here, do visit this palace built in 1458 AD.

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