Akal Wood Fossil Park, Rajasthan

Akal Wood Fossil Park

Location: Situated at a distance of 17 km from the city of Jaisalmer on the Barmer Road, Akal Wood Fossil Park is a forest area that is 180 million years old.

Description: Spread over an area of 21 hectare, Akal Wood Fossil Park has fossils of the prehistoric Jurassic period. The trunk of the trees of this park has been preserved as fossils. Scattered all over the park, the fossilized trunks are of different sizes. Whole of the area has been preserved and protected because of its archaeological value. It is believed that excavations are still carried out at this place. Fossils of ptilophyllum, dicotyledonous wood and equisetities species are present at this place.

Activities: This place carries huge relevance for those tourists who are inclined towards knowing about the history of this place and also for students of archaeology. This place offers sea shells that are centuries old and also mammoth tree trunks. These specimens are of geological importance for the historians as well as for the archeologists. A must visit location for historians, this place offers various attractions. While on a trip here, tourists can also visit other attractions that lie in its vicinity. So never miss this fossil park while on a trip to Jaisalmer.

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