Desert National Park, Rajasthan

Desert National Park

Location: Lying at a small distance from the Golden city of India - Jaisalmer, the Desert National Park is spread over an area of 3100 sq km. Regarded as one of the largest national parks of the country; tourists in large number throng this place.

Description: Desert National Park consists of thorny scrubs and salt lakes; however major part of the park compromises of sand dunes. Even in such harsh conditions, this park boasts of its rich fauna and represents a perfect example of the Thar Desert’s ecosystem. The best months to mark a visit to this place are November and December. Travelers can also view some of the endangered species of animals here. Tourists can indulge in Jeep safari, in order to visit the entire Desert National Park.

Activities: As this place lies close to Bharatpur, bird lovers can easily sight large number of migratory as well as residential birds here. Various birds, such as Indian Bustard, Harries, Buzzards, Vultures and Eagles are the most commonly seen species. Wildlife enthusiasts can get a glimpse of Indian fox, blackbuck, desert cat, chinkara and desert fox. Therefore, while on a trip to Jaisalmer, a visit to this park should never be missed.

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