Nagarkot Ki Rani, Madhya Pradesh

Nagarkot Ki Rani

Location: Amazingly located in the south-west of Ujjain, Nagarkot Ki Rani is an adobe of the guardian deity of ancient townships, once known as Ujjayini.

Description: Nagarkot Ki Rani stands for the “Queen of City Wall”. The temple is uniquely located on ancient mud fortifications and that is why it is known as the Queen of City Wall. Goddess of this shrine is said to be the guardian deity of ancient Ujjayini. Consequently, the president deity of this temple is said to protect the city from evils. Associated with many exhilarating folktales of Bharthari, King Vikramaditya and traditions of Natha Sect, this shrine is of both religious and archaeological importance. Another place of interest includes a tank dating back to Paramara period. On either side of this tank there are two more ancient shrines, which are worth-visiting. One of these two temples is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya and belongs to Gupta Period.

Activities: Every year on Ashtmi, a large possession is carried out in which Nagarkot Ki Rani Temple also plays an important role. A specialty of this occasion is that a pitcher with a small hole is filled with wine which is carried throughout the possession to different temples till it reaches the last point Gadkalika Temple.

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