Desert Culture Centre and Museum, Rajasthan

Desert Culture Centre and Museum

Location: The rich tradition and culture of the heavenly land of Jaisalmer is well described in the Desert culture centre and museum, which is located on Gadi Sagar Road in Jaisalmer city.

Description: An ideal place for the tourists to visit, this museum is a treasure trove of fascinating items and boasts of serene and peaceful surroundings. This famous museum houses innumerable archaic coins, well preserved remains of the great kings that ruled this place and ancient manuscripts. Supervised by the Jaisalmer tourism department, this place of great historic importance is very well maintained. This cultural centre is adorned by ethnic Rajasthani jewelry, textiles and various types of musical instruments. Ancient weapons and instruments also decorate this place.

A unique utensil which was named as “Karal” attracts the attention of the visitors. Karal is a vessel which was used by the kings and their queens to mix opium. Attributes of different kings and queens who ruled over Jaisalmer, are also reflected by the items placed in this museum.

Activities: Without visiting the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum a visit to Jaisalmer would be incomplete. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the astounding art pieces that draw the attention of tourists from all over the world. These splendid items are put up on display for public viewing in a museum that is open throughout the year.

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