Ganesh Temple, Rajasthan

Ganesh Temple

Location: Ganesh temple is located in a place named Ratnananda which is at a distance of around 5 kilometers from Jodhpur city.

Description: Lord Ganesh is son of Mahadev also known as Shiva. Vinayaka or Ganesha is an eleplant god and is considered to be one of the most powerful gods in the Hindu mythology. Hindus all over the world worship this god so that he will bestow good luck on them and heal their sufferings. The Ganesha temple of Jodhpur has a history behind it. It is said that one fine day a person who was working as a teacher by profession saw an idol of lord Ganesha in the Ratnanada hills. The idol was having a length of 8 feet and 5 feet width. Consequently a temple was built at the same place were the idol was found. This temple is now considered to be a popular religious place in Jaipur city. 

Activities: This temple is visited by quite a number of devotees who offer prayers and take blessings of Vinayaka. Offering prayers in this temple is of great religious importance, as it is believed that lord Ganesh takes care of all his devotees and alleviates their sufferings.

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