Chamunda Mata Temple, Rajasthan

Chamunda Mata Temple

Location: Southern end of the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur has a temple named as Chamunda Mata temple.

Description: Rao Jodha is considered as the founder of Jodhpur and he was a devotee of Chamunda Mataji. In 1460 he brought her idol from the old capital city, Mandore. He built a temple near Mehrangarh fort and installed the idol in that temple. The Devi is considered as the Isht Devi of the Royal family and the Maharajas till date.

The name Chamunda has been derived from Chanda and Munda, two monsters killed by Chamunda Mata. People worship the deity by offering wine and animal sacrifices according to the rituals. The deity was a part of Hindu religion and later it became a part of Jain religion also. As Jainism prohibits intake of liquor and meat, so they worship the goddess by vegetarian offerings. It is a common belief that these things appease the goddess.

Activities: Dussehra festival witnesses quite a number of devotees visiting this temple to get a glimpse of this powerful deity. A festival is conducted at that time and a number of devotees participate in that festival, making it a must visit place during your trip to Jodhpur.

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