Baba Ramdev Temple (Adhar Shila Temple), Rajasthan

Baba Ramdev Temple (Adhar Shila Temple)

Location: Baba Ramdev Temple is positioned on the route that connects Nagori Gate and Jalori Gate in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Other name given to this temple is the Adhar Shila Temple. Tourists are allured by the antiquity of this place, although details about the history of this temple are not available.

Description: In front of the Baba Ramdev Temple is a small rock, which has an inscription - “Enter at your own risk”. This inscription adds to the attraction of this temple, adding to its mystic charm. People with curious mind become eager to explore this temple, which serves as a symbol of duty and devotion. This temple has many stories behind its origin and the presiding deity of this temple, but all these are unproven, so the origin of this temple remains a mystery that is unsolved till date. Serving as a prominent attraction of Jodhpur, this temple is positioned on the top of a sandstone hill. Tourists with an inquisitive mind should visit this temple if they visit Jodhpur.

Activities: This temple is among the most famous pilgrim sites in Jodhpur and visited by innumerable tourists and devotees around the year. Besides worshiping the lord, one can also witness and admire the scenic beauty that surrounds this temple.

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