Kailana Lake, Rajasthan

Kailana Lake

Location: Kailana Lake is located on the Jaiselmer road and is positioned eight kilometers to the west of Jodhpur.

Description: In the year 1872 Pratap Singh, Prime Minister of Jodhpur at that time, built this lake. It is an artificial lake and covers an area of 84 square kilometers. The area where the lake lies was full of gardens and there used to be palaces of two rulers of Jodhpur. For making this lake all the things that existed in this place were destroyed. This Lake is considered to be a suitable picnic spot for the visitors and provides a great view of the sunset. In the evening the sky above the lake appears as a canvas spattered with eye-catching colors. Kalyana Lake serves as a suitable place for relaxing. If you are a bird lover then this place is sure to suit your interest. Pratap Sagar is the other name that has been given to this Lake. Area surrounding this lake was full of wild bears and the descendents of the royal family used to hunt here in earlier times.

Activities: Tourists can witness the flora and fauna of this place which is worth a watch. Besides this, people who like to swim can enjoy this activity in the clean and refreshing water of this lake, under the guidance of experts.

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