Hall of the Heroes, Rajasthan

Hall of the Heroes

Location: Hall of Heroes is a memorial positioned in Mandore, which is a place around 10 kilometers north of Jodhpur. Before Jodhpur, Mandore was the capital city of Marvar, a princely state.

Description: The Hall of the Heroes was constructed in the honor of Rajput folk heroes. It is positioned close to the temple-shaped cenotaphs that are said to be belonging to Rajput kings in Mandore gardens. There are life-size statues, around fifteen in number and all these are the statues of Rajasthani folk heroes. These statues have been carved out of rock and stone. Bright colors have been used to paint this statue that is considered as an integral part of Rajasthani culture. Another attraction located nearby is the Mandore Garden. It is a picturesque place and there is “the shrine of three hundred million gods” which is filled with colored images of several Hindu gods.

Activities: Hall of Heroes is a place which is worth a watch, as the statues that are present in the hall are a magnificent work of art. Besides this, Mandore Garden with its high rock terrace makes it a popular attraction for the local people and tourists. This garden remains open for the visitors from 8 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evening.

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