Mahamandir Temple, Rajasthan

Mahamandir Temple

Location: Mahamandir Temple is situated at a distance of two kilometers from Jodhpur towards the Mandore road.

Description: As the name suggests, Mahamandir Templeis a big temple and it was constructed in the year 1812. There are 84 pillars in this temple, adding to the grandeur of this eye-catching site. The skills and crafts of ancient sculptors who built this temple are admirable. This Temple is well known because of the intricate stone work that has been implemented in order to carve out the sculptures in yogic postures. Mahamandir Temple serves as a home for a number of ancient shrines as well as houses that are positioned in the Temple premises. Well designed traditional motifs are studded on the pillars and walls of this temple. In short we can say that this temple is an example of great art that depicts the traditional and cultural heritage of India.

Activities: People throng this Temple in huge numbers and besides worshipping, they like to witness the beauty and art that is present in this temple which is really appreciating. The different yogic postures add to its beauty, as well as enriching the knowledge of followers of yoga about the actual postures.

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