Harsiddhi Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Harsiddhi Temple

Location: Harsiddhi Temple is one among the prehistoric and most revered shrines of Ujjain.

Description: Harsiddhi Temple is considered as one of the prime fifty Shaktipeeths in Hinduism. A notable fact about this shrine is its unique structure created from rock smeared with a turmeric paste and vermillion. It is believed that Gupta King, Vikramaditya offered this structure to Goddess Durga on the eve of Dussehra, an auspicious occasion of Hindus. Another fascinating facet is the Sri Yantra, which represents nine names of Goddess Durga. Not just one, you will come across images of various deities in the shrine. Renowned for ancient Maratha architecture, the shrine houses dark vermilion image of Annapurna which is the Goddess of Nourishment, and the idol of Mahasaraswati who is believed to be the Goddess of Wisdom. The Harsiddhi temple is one of its kinds in India. You should attend the Pooja held at the temple, where you can know more about Marathi culture and traditions.

Activities: One should see this shrine during Navratri festival celebrated mainly in October or November, when devotees ignite numerous lamps on two 15 feet tall lamps in the shrine. The temple looks amazing in the massive light of these lamps.

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