Mandore Gardens, Rajasthan

Mandore Gardens

Location: At a distance of around 10 kilometers from Jodhpur city are the Gardens of Mandore. Mandore served as the capital city of Marwar, before being replaced with Jodhpur.

Description: Mandore gardens, having a special high rock terrace, still serve as a place of great attraction in Jodhpur. A number of cenetophs of the Marwar kings are present in this garden. There is a difference between normal cenotaphs present anywhere else and those seen in this garden. These gardens have been built like Hindu temples. Temple of Maharaja Ajit Singh is supposed to be the most imposing of all the structures. Maharani’s cenotaph is positioned above the hill on a rocky place. These cenotaphs are four storey buildings and are constructed using red sandstone. A charming garden surrounds these cenotaphs; the garden also has relics of a palace and a fort that have been destroyed. Nearest attraction from this place is the Hall of Heroes that is devoted to brave Rajput folk heroes.

Activities: Visitors come to this place around the year to witness the grandeur of the cenotaphs, the palace and the garden which all are eye-catching. In addition to this you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere that is peaceful and tranquil, filling your senses with a feeling of serenity.

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