Phool Mahal, Rajasthan

Phool Mahal

Location: Phool Mahal is one of the period rooms in Mehrangarh Fort Museum. Meaning of Phool Mahal is the palace of flowers and it is one of the most famous parts of the museum.

Description: Phool Mahal is a grand structure and gold that has been used for the construction of Phool Mahal has been brought from Gujarat. King of Jodhpur defeated a Mogul governor and the gold was brought as the booty of the war. It is said that Phool Mahal was constructed as a private chamber of pleasure. Maharajas used to entertain themselves by watching the dance performed in this chamber. Raga mela, portraits and paintings serve as other attractions of Phool Mahal; all these things are considered to be a contribution of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The ancient glory and culture of India as well as the rich heritage of Rajasthan is clearly depicted in these. Phool Mahal is well decorated and quite a number of tourists visit this place around the year.

Activities: It is a historic place as well as offers an insight of the entertainment options present at that time, so it is worth a watch. For visiting this room a small entry fee is to be paid and if you are interested in capturing the beauty of this Mahal in your camera, then separate fees is charged for that.

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