Loha Pol, Rajasthan

Loha Pol

Location: Loha Pol is one of the seven gates of the beautiful Mehrangarh fort. Loha Pol means the gate of iron; it is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Jodhpur city and is supposed to be the fourth gate of the fort.

Description: Loha Pol has a great historic as well as traditional importance as far as the history, tradition and culture of Rajasthan is concerned. Loha Pol leads to the residences and palaces of the kings. Due to this reason this gate was heavily guarded. Bereaved queens ran through this gate to commit sati on the death of their husbands and Loha Pol till date has the prints of their palms. This sacrifice of the queens, though not acceptable on human grounds, signifies the dedication of the royal ladies towards their husbands, as well as the patriotic sense of the ladies of that time. In addition to this the gate presents the fascinating artistic design and security measures that used to be taken during that era.

Activities: Tourists, especially the history buffs, can visit this memorial by paying a nominal fee, which varies as per the nationality of the visitors. It is a great opportunity to witness this marvelous structure of great historical importance.

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