Gadkalika Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Gadkalika Temple

Location: About two miles from Ujjain city is the renowned Gadkalika Temple, dedicated to Goddess Kalika.

Description: Like other temples in Ujjain, Gadkalika Temple is also an ancient shrine. It is said that Kalidasa, a legendary litterateur, also worshipped Goddess Kalika in this shrine. Kalidasa is believed to acquire all literary skills due to his devotion to the supreme Goddess Kali. According to legend, Harshavardhan during Paramara period renovated the temple to reform its usual glory. However, the shrine was restored by erstwhile Gwalior rulers again and it still maintains its ancient charm. During excavations around the shrine, bricks and some other sculptures were revealed that were found to be of olden times. The shrine is very famous among devotees due to their strong belief in Kalika Mata. Though the image of the deity is frightful but she is very compassionate and always brings good fortune for her devotees and protects them from evil forces. Goddess Kali took this form to kill demons and save humanity from evils.

Activities: During Navratras, a nine day festival, devotees on a large scale visit this shrine and offer prayers to Goddess Kalika. Especially, the seventh day of this festival is regarded as the day of Goddess Kali.

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