Chintaman Ganesh Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Chintaman Ganesh Temple

Location: Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Chintaman Ganesh Temple is an ancient holy shrine of Ujjain City. It is built on the banks of Shipra River on Fatehbad railway line and is around 15 km away from the main city.

Description: One of the biggest Ganesh Mandir in Ujjain, the origin of Chintaman Ganesh Temple is traced back to 11th century. The main deity of this temple is Chintaman Ganesh who is referred to as the “assurer of freedom from worldly anxieties.” Idol of the Lord Ganesh in the shrine is believed to be Swayambhu. Beautifully carved stone pillars of this shrine are reminiscent of its existence during the ancient period. Idols of Ridhi and Sidhi, consorts of Lord Ganesha, are installed in a seated position on either side of the main deity in the shrine. Wednesday is said to be the special day when people gather here to get a sight of the divine deity. You may easily reach this shrine by common means of transport like buses or railways.

Activities: Bada Ganesh Ji Ka Mandir, situated above a tank, consists of a huge sculpture of Ganesha which is just about 8 km away from railway station. You will rarely find such big statue of Ganesha anywhere in Ujjain.

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