Silk Farm, Tamil Nadu

Silk Farm

Location: One of the various places of interest in the city of Yercaud is the famous Silk Farm. This is a fascinating place which lies close to Lady’s Seat in the city.

Description: As the name indicates, Silk Farm was established to rear silk worms. At this place, tourists can view the process which leads to the production of silk. At Silk Farm, a person can come across different activities which include rearing of the silkworms, the way they are fed and different techniques of spinning silk threads. The life cycle of the silk worms can be clearly understood by visiting this place. The experience that children get by viewing live demonstration of turning cocoons into silk threads is beyond the knowledge gained by studying the same process in text books. Hence visiting the Silk Farms can leave some lasting memories which can be cherished forever. So remember to keep this amazing location in the list of your must visit attractions.

Activities: Silk Farm lies close to various other attractions. Therefore after visiting the farms, tourists can continue with their journey. Religiously inclined tourists can visit different temples and churches, which lie in the vicinity, to seek lord’s blessings. Travelers can also indulge in savoring local delicacies.

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